DiskSurvey 1.0

DiskSurvey is a hard-drive analyzing tool for Windows computers
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DiskSurvey is a hard-drive analyzing tool for Windows computers. The application can tell you exactly where your hard drive space goes. To do this, it carries out a rather thorough scan of your hard drive(s). This scan is performed with a lot of detail. DiscSurvey first determines how much space you have used and how much there is left. Then, it starts scanning every folder on your computer. It determines how many files there are and how many sub-folders are stored there. Once a scan is finished, you will see two things. On the left, there will be a list with all the folders on your system. This will look the same as when you go to My Computer and select the detail view. If you click the little "plus" signs, you will be taken further down the directory. On the right, you will see a 3D chart of the hard drive usage. If you click a folder on the left, the chart will be redone to represent the files and folders of that selected folder. DiscSurvey allows you to slightly change the way in which it works. You can specify whether it should scan for sub-directories and change the colors assigned to several items. That is all about customization. The application also allows you to compose and export reports in several formats.

José Fernández
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  • Good design
  • It works seamlessly
  • Reports can be made and exported


  • You can't really change the way the application works
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